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What’s the Best Table Service Model? [Hint: Give Power to the Servers]

Truly the best service involves giving your servers what they want: power. I believe folks are motivated by a combination of three things: Affiliation: approval from others… “please like me.” Achievement: simply a job well done. Power: including money, authority over others, and being envied. Let’s face it, servers in America view themselves as fallen

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Restaurant Training

Folks often ask us to help them with “training”..but  what does that mean?. Teaching someone how to do something they didn’t know how to before? Correcting a bad behavior?  Conditioning the mind to do something instinctively, without hesitating or thinking? Helping someone improve an existing skill?  Instinctively, most restaurateurs know “training” is important but they

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Dine and Whine

I pulled this morsel from chef Graham Duncan’s blog “From the Kitchen: Graham Duncan” and couldn’t resist throwing in my two cents. The “dine and whine” has become the new “dine and dash” except instead of sneaking out to avoid paying for a meal(which in some restaurants it becomes the obligation of the server to pay for the meal)patrons sit right

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