rescue & repositioning

As a restaurant owner and restaurateur, you’ve seen the TV shows, but how many episodes can you watch before you can apply what you see to your restaurant business? What can you glean from a one-hour episode that will set you on the path to more profit? Is one restaurant’s solution the same for you, or is your situation different? How is it different? What are the shows not showing you?  How much is the guessing and grasping costing you? How long will your customers tolerate your penny-wise and pound-foolish approach to resolution?

Once we perform an Operations Assessment, we’ll put together a plan to change course and put your restaurant business on the right path. Hiring us to find the root causes and recommend solutions may not be enough if you lack the depth of knowledge to execute the plan. In that case, you may want us to execute the solutions side by side with you. Reach out to us for a conversation about your restaurant. We can execute the plan without hesitation or faltering.

Whether you simply need to start frying your French fries in a different fryer than your Calamari or you need to completely overhaul the brand offering, we’ll get it right and your restaurant will be on the path to profitability in no time.


Getting from one unit to multiple units, or from multiple units to national growth, usually requires new ways of doing things. The owner cannot be in two places at once, let alone ten places. We’ll implement systems and structures tailored to your current size, capabilities and needs to take you to the next phase of your company’s growth.


Working too hard and not making enough money? If your restaurant is not generating more than 10% net income, you have room for improvement (likely significant improvement). Let us help you push more money to the bottom line.


A failing restaurant can crush your soul and drain your resources as fast as any failing business out there. It’s an awful feeling and sometimes it’s hard to know what to try next since you may feel you’ve tried everything. We can identify the most sensible, value-added solutions… and help you implement them to get you back on track and enjoying your restaurant again.

phase one - the assessment

determine capabilities & needs | make strategic recomendations

Whether you want to expand your business to more units, improve profitability, or rescue it from a death spiral, it all begins with an evaluation of your goals, needs, and capabilities. From there we are able to recommend a path that gets you where you want to go including timeline, costs, and support along the way. Many companies fail, not by doing something wrong, but by continuing to do what used to be right but is now no longer viable. Other companies fail because they squander time and resources on ineffective solutions or quick fixes only to miss the correction window. Our process