Blue Orbit is a national hospitality and restaurant consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia.

…which just means we have a great airport and we put a little Southern in everything we do

Ray-Mike-300x200With more than 100 years combined experience in the restaurant and hospitality industries, we’ve been involved with hundreds of restaurant openings, menu developments, dining rooms, kitchens, staffs and concepts. From cozy neighborhood mom-and-pop operations to national food and beverage franchise outlets and high-end restaurant chains, we’ve helped them all.

After so many years in a kitchen your palate develops and refines… you just know when the dish is right. In the same way, after so many years working with so many different food and beverage businesses, we can spot operational illness a mile away.  We can offer you advice so you can help yourself, or we can get in there and do the work while teaching you how to do it next time.

We’re just as comfortable working with mobile restaurants and food trucks as we are with gourmet food markets, and we’re just as qualified to oversee fast casual operations as we are developing and launching new full-service restaurant concepts. Our experience has taught us what’s right, what works, and what doesn’t… and really that’s why we’re in business – because we know how to make restaurants work.

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