Food Trends that Won’t Make it in 2016

We’ve talked about cronuts  and the farm-to-table movement before. We loved and embraced them, but along with a few others, it’s time to say goodbye and move on to some bigger and better things in 2016. We aren’t saying that Read More

Food Documentaries: What to Watch and Why?

Food documentaries have had somewhat of an uprising the past few years, much due to the “farm-to-table” movement, a focus on a healthier, more sustainable diet and of course, Netflix.  Where else do you have all of your favorite foodie Read More

From Line Cook to Restaurant Consultant

A good restaurant consultant has been in your shoes and the shoes of every person in your restaurant. We didn’t wake up one morning with all of the answers (nor do we claim to have them). We’ve been on the Read More

Top 10 Restaurant Killers

For some reason many in our midst seem to have uncanny insight into the legendary failure rates for restaurants, regardless of whether they have actually worked in or owned a restaurant.  Ask almost anyone on the street what they think Read More

How to Open a Restaurant

If you Google “how to open a restaurant”, you’ll find a ton of information… much/most of it relevant and correct while STILL falling short of telling you what you need to know.  I’m going to come at it from the Read More

Restaurant Accounting

This is the kind of stuff that puts most people to sleep but can save a restaurant from certain doom. Go get some coffee cuz this is important (if you own a restaurant or are thinking about owning one). Restaurant Read More