Launching your restaurant
is just the start of your journey.

You've probably heard that running a restaurant is hard work... and you heard right. But so many times it is not the lack of hard work that causes over half of all new restaurants to close within the first two years, and it is certainly not the lack of passion on the owner's part.

Here is where Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting can literally save your bacon. We are a full-service, national restaurant and hospitality consulting firm and our consultants can show you how take your business where you want it to go.  From the first scribble on a napkin, to projecting start up costs, to writing the business plan, through creating winning menus, and on to the rush of opening night, we have the experience and strategies to thrust your ideas and brand into new and profitable territory.  We are based in Atlanta but our work has been appreciated all over the country.


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Restaurant Opening Super Analyzer