Why You Should Create a Pop-Up Restaurant or Bar Concept

A pop-up is simply a temporary bar or restaurant, usually focused on a particular chef or style of cuisine. Sometimes pop-ups will share space or even take over an existing restaurant for a time, with some places hosting a regular schedule of pop-ups throughout the year. They are fun, flexible, easy to promote, and popular with diners always on the lookout for the next hot thing.

Pop-ups are a great innovation for all segments of the restaurant industry and you should consider hosting one if the answer to any or all of the following questions is YES!

  1. Have you been itching to test out a new concept? Testing your concept and your recipesout as a pop-up has many benefits for the beginning restaurateur. The starting costs are so much lower for a pop-up than a traditional restaurant. You’ll still need to pay for things up front, but it’s cheaper than a food truck, it’s already licensed, and there are no construction costs. You’ll also get feedback from real live people. You can sell tickets in advance so you will know exactly how many people you are serving and grow a following that will help you for when you are ready to open your own place.
  2. Do you want to develop your staff? If you already have a restaurant, then you most likely have creative people on your team who are looking for ways to engage their creativity. Launching a pop-up series for your staff to manage and operate can break the monotony, encourage new ideas, challenge their skillset, and develop them to be ready for new responsibilities or positions.
  3. Do you want to have fun and make money in the process? Restaurant work can be a grind. Creating a pop-up bar or restaurant can just be about having fun, serving good food and drinks that aren’t normally on your menu, and giving your guests another reason to choose your restaurant for a night out. Why not experiment?

So, get out there and find a venue, hone your concept – and let us know how it goes!

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