Time and Motion


Efficiency-and-ThroughputWe study the things that make food come out of your kitchen faster and the things that keep your guests from waiting unnecessarily. Equipment adjacencies, sequence of service, order flow, expediting systems, Point of Sale solutions, handheld order taking, Open Table optimization, reservations vs. call ahead seating vs. first-come-first-served… we have seen it all and know when to apply what.

We have watched lettuces rot on the shelf to determine which types we should purchase for a hotel restaurant and still hit the vendor minimum orders without throwing away product. We’ve tested order flow with varying employee levels to identify the point at which the model bottle-necks and cannot recover without halting the flow or injecting additional resources. We’ve tested impingement ovens next to combi ovens to determine the best way to cook an item with minimal effort so one employee can juggle multiple items.  We understand the importance of a varied menu in an Italian restaurant so the sauté station doesn’t overload. We know when it makes sense to have a satellite service bar versus a service bar counter at the main bar.  We know how cooks need to see food items on a check and the importance of limiting forced modifiers on checks.  We are efficiency geeks.