Relationship management


Relationship-ManagementThe restaurant business is a people business. Building a great staff experience is the best way to build a great guest experience. Our management school gives your management team the foundation they need to consistently deliver your brand promises through your people.  Have you ever seen a dysfunctional management team? Managers compete for the affections of he staff; they reprimand employees publicly; they don’t meet deadlines or deliver results; they form social bonds with their staff; they tell you one thing but tell their peers or subordinates something contrary; or they struggle confronting poor performance.

The root causes of a poorly functioning management team often center on brand alignment, behavioral maturity, personal accountability and operating philosophy. If the team is not unified behind one goal or they’ve never been taught how to perform as a unit, they are doomed to be a collection of individuals versus a unified team. We teach time management and managing the important over managing the urgent. We coach self-respect and the importance of earning respect. We coach the importance of retention and the relationship between job satisfaction and guest satisfaction.  We coach delegating and situational leadership. We coach the importance of building trust and recognizing effort. Before you look to replace your management team, you might want to give us a call so together we can deploy the right strategy.