Who should you write a Restaurant Business Plan for?

When it comes time to sit down and draft all of the budding ideas you have for your upcoming restaurant, you have to stop and think – who am I writing this restaurant business plan for? First, you have to come to the realization that you do, in fact, need that business plan. While it may seem daunting, with the right goals and incentives, this restaurant business plan could be the foundation for a series of successes.

One way to approach your restaurant business plan is to think, “Who is my audience?”

First, you should be thinking of your team. While you may not have hired a single person yet, the objectives that you outline in your plan are what are going to set the stage for successful hiring and maintenance of a good staff. Think of your hierarchy and outline it in your business plan. Starting with the person you plan to work closely with, likely your general manager. What goals do you want them to accomplish upon being hired? These points can then be shifted to your interview process, which can then be applied to an evaluation down the road. Two vital parts of having a successful team are already completed.

Secondly, you need to think about your support. Your support could consist of various players. Your support might be investors whom you need to help finance your venture. A clearly outlined restaurant business plan also needs to discuss your marketing strategy. Keeping your plan specialized and concise will provide clear direction for those you want to support you. Your support might also be the local community and its authorities who will not only be guests at your establishment but might be the ones awarding you various permits. Having this restaurant business plan in your back pocket will come in handy whenever you might asked how your business will help the neighborhood.

The most important person is you!

Lastly, you need to write this restaurant business plan for yourself. This plan is the blueprint not only for this restaurant, but perhaps for more to come in the future. If you get your first one right, it provides a solid template for growth. Things will probably change here and there after opening and after the community decides how they value you, but as long as you have your goals and incentives mapped out first, any alterations should be approachable and sensible.

Blue Orbit can help you stay on track while drafting your restaurant business plan and keep these important “people” in mind. We’ll help build an effective plan that keeps you, your support and your team happy.


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