What Hiring Companies and Job Candidates Told Us in 2018

What Companies Told Us in 2018

With a unique involvement in the hiring process, we are in a perfect position to hear companies tell us their hierarchy of “must have” attributes and “preferred” attributes for various positions. Here are the “must haves” that consistently appeared in 2018 from various companies for searches that we worked from the unit management positions to the corporate executive level:

1. High Integrity. Validated by references and background checks.

2. Professional High Energy Image. It is easier to slow someone down than to raise the dead.

3. User Friendly, Positive Personality. Plays well with others. Works toward positive results.

4. Welcomes Responsibility and Accountability. Understands constructive criticism as commentary allowing for personal and professional growth.

5. Knowledge of Base Line Numbers. i.e. food cost, labor cost, operating expenses. Plus, immediately be able to give three solutions for correcting any of these areas if they were out of line.

6. Sales Building Skills. With the exponential unit growth in the Restaurant Industry, we have had an increasing number of client companies tell us that they want a sales-building skill-set in their leaders. Examples of where sales were built are now expected in the interview process.

7. Coaching for Success. Just as everyone in the organization, irrespective of title, is actually in Sales, every employee in any position of leadershipis now in training. Seminars, videos and guest speakers are great; but, having day-to-day growth and development activities for ALL levels is now the order of the day. To use one last football metaphor as the Super Bowl fades into memory, training is the blocking and tackling that allows Good Teams to become Great Teams.

8. Bilingual in English and Spanish. Right now, this could be considered a “preferred attribute,” but Vegas is giving very favorable odds that it will be listed as a “must have” when the article “What Companies Told Us in 2019” is written next year at this time.


What Candidates Told Us in 2018

Just as companies have their “must haves” and “preferred attributes,” candidates have are looking for similar things in the companies they might work for. Here are the big three that we heard in 2018:

A.) Quality of Life

No one will work 6 days, 12 hours per day or even 6 days and 10 hours per day forever and be productive. By a     company’s actions of supplying adequate staffing levels, candidates know if what they heard in their interview about the company’s commitment to “quality of life” is actually for real or just a bunch of jive.

B.) Insurance Benefits

If a person works for Darden or Marriott, this is a non-issue. However, if you work at an Independent Restaurant Company, Insurance Benefits might not even be offered. Thankfully, Senator Rand Paul is working with Trump Administration to allow the National Restaurant Association to offer Group Insurance to its members.

C.) Career Growth

Even if a company is not opening new restaurants, there can be numerous industry workshops for a manager and/or executive to improve their skill set, thus increasing their value to the company, which should result in increased responsibility and compensation.

Chris Kauffman – Director of Talent & Recruiting, Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting

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