Dallas, Texas – home to Phil Romano, Darden, Brinker, OSI Restaurants, Pizza Hut, CEC Entertainment, Dave & Buster’s and more – is a proving ground for restaurants. Make it in Dallas and the world is your oyster!

Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting can help you evolve your brand to fit your neighborhood or to scale something that will cross state lines. Our approach to concept development starts with Profit Modeling – we need to make sure it works on paper before you burn too much time and cash on anything else. From there we need to identify where you’ll get the funding – then tailor your pitch and brand pillars to your audience to give you the best chance of attracting an investor and/or securing the best location you can afford. Next we develop a high level menu, design the kitchen and layout to efficiently service that menu. Next comes food and drink menu development (recipes, costing, throughput, profit, brand promise)…and then on to management team hiring, training materials and systems development, staff hiring, training, mock runs and launch. Easy!

We can also help you fix your current restaurant. Sometimes the gumption and effort it takes to launch a concept do not provide enough depth of knowledge to grow it or run it systematically. An enterprising 25 year old that embarks on the restaurant owner’s journey may lack the skills and experience to inject the right systems to keep it running efficiently without strict owner supervision and daily involvement. The 25 year old turns 45 before they know it and they are no closer to operational autonomy than they were 20 years before. We can be your Ray Kroc – introducing systems that deliver the brand so you only have to inspect system compliance instead of chasing nebulous results.

Blue Orbit has opened dozens of concepts and helped hundreds of restaurants around the country. Click on our services above and see how we can help you!