About Us

Blue Orbit is the national hospitality consulting team that provides immediate insights and lasting solutions to restaurateurs, real-estate developers, and hotel and restaurant groups to cultivate and execute new concepts and menus, revitalize and reposition underperforming restaurants, and manage operations to streamline processes, unify culture, and drive profits.

Blue Orbit provides hands-on partnership and unparalleled industry insight to create new concepts from the ground up and evolve ideas into maturity. Our work together helps ensure an airtight business plan, a menu attuned to your target audience, a successful launch from day one, and on-target profits over that crucial first year.

Blue Orbit can also quickly and expertly diagnose what’s holding restaurants back from their potential and implement new ways of thinking, doing, and measuring results— from menu design to marketplace positioning— to get you back in the black in no time.

And Blue Orbit’s proven management practice performs the heavy lifting for you, creating the systems and structures your company needs to build a cohesive culture, run smoothly and efficiently, and reap the rewards that come from having the right people working together within the right system.

Led by Ray Camillo and Michael Maxwell, who each have more than 30 years of wide-ranging experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry, Blue Orbit helps you succeed by telling the hard truths, illuminating untapped opportunities, and creating the roadmap from good to great.

We’re a group that listens first, tailors our approach to your needs, and delivers a step-wise, iterative process that invites participation rather than dictates directives. In the end, we help launch your organization into a first-class operation, impressing investors, creating concepts, refining menus, motivating managers, and attracting the right customers along the way.

Ray Camillo

Founder & CEO

Ray Camillo is the Founder and CEO of Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting with over 30 years of hospitality operations experience and 16 years of senior leadership experience in the hotel, restaurant, restaurant consulting, and gourmet food retail sectors.

Ray graduated at the top of his class from The Culinary Institute of America and earned a BBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management from James Madison University. He has been a Vice President, Regional Manager, General Manager, Chef, and Beverage Manager in companies like the Greenbrier Hotel, The Ritz Carlton, Clyde’s Restaurant Group, Peasant Restaurants, Liberty House Restaurants and Vucurevich Simons Advisory Group.

Ray proudly served his country as an aviator with the US Army’s 11th Special Forces Group – Airborne Reserves from 1986 to 1993 and he is a member of Eta Sigma Delta Hospitality Honor Society.

Michael maxwell


Michael Maxwell joined Blue Orbit as a Partner in 2014 and has worked with Ray Camillo on various projects and in other businesses since 1994. Michael has over 36 years of hospitality operations and senior management level experience at some of America’s most celebrated and successful restaurant companies.

Michael graduated from Southern Polytechnic State University in 1981 with a degree in Industrial Engineering. His passion for restaurants flourished while working with Peasant Restaurants where he helped grow their Mick’s expansion chain as their Training Director.

Michael’s fun and fresh approach to restaurant operations served him well over his career as he worked with companies like Concentrics, The Fifth Group, Rio Bravo/Chevy’s, Cinebistro, Metrotainment, Rare Hospitality, Legal Seafood, and eatZi’s Market & Bakery, holding positions as District Manager, Director of Training, Operating Partner and General Manager. He has opened over 30 restaurants and implemented countless training and continuing educations programs.

Our Team

We begin and end each project by listening and collaborating with you to get you where you want to go. No two projects are alike and we pride ourselves on our ability to customize solutions that let you show off your creativity while grounding you with solid business fundamentals. Our team mixes, shapes and bakes your ideas into something that is fundamentally solid and viable. We enjoy what we do and we love making new friends along the way.

concept development

We work with you to understand what your concept needs to do for you and then collaborate to create the business of your dreams while ensuring that it delivers your expectation.

landlord / property developers

We support Landlords by evaluating prospective-tenants, performing in-depth assessments of existing tenants, and providing ongoing consulting services to optimize restauarant operations and profitability during management.

menu development

All of the design, management and site selection expertise in the world will not help you if you don’t put food and drinks on your menu that people prefer…and are willing to pay for.

rescue & repositioning

Whether you simply need to start frying your French fries in a different fryer than your Calamari or you need to completely overhaul the brand offering, we’ll get it right and your restaurant will be on the path to profitability in no time.

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