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“Blue Orbit is an exceptional resource for small to large restaurants looking to grow. We have greatly enjoyed working with them.”

 Marta Gomez Frey, Director – Collins Small Business Development Center, Texas

“Michael Maxwell said it best when he explained the restaurant business to me as a large jigsaw puzzle.  If you try to do it all at once it’s overwhelming, but if you put the most important pieces in place one at a time you end up with a beautiful final product.  Blue Orbit did a masterful job of creating and opening our restaurant one piece at a time.”

James Brearley, Owner – Floridays and Compass Hotel, Bradenton

“Blue Orbit has been an invaluable resource, providing solid recommendations and industry insight!”

Suzi LeBlanc, HR Director – Fifth Group Restaurants, Atlanta

“Wow, what a creative, out-of-the-box thinker! 4 stars AJC, Atlanta’s Top New Restaurants (Atlanta Magazine Restaurant Concept Award)…enough said!”

Ford Fry, Owner – Ford Fry Restaurants, Atlanta

“I had an extravagant idea with no tools on how to execute my dream…Bellina would not be what it is today without Blue Orbit’s support and coaching!”

Tal Baum, Owner – Bellina Alimentari & Oliva Restaurants, Atlanta

“Ray is truly one of the best restaurant professionals I have come across. He understands the back and front of the house, has great communication skills, is visionary, and has a great sense of humor. He is a pleasure to work with and I hope to do so again in the future”

Glenna Hecht, Owner – Humanistic Consulting, Dallas

“I have worked with Ray Camillo on various investments and business opportunities in the restaurant and consulting fields over the last three years and would recommend him as a top-notch consultant and analyst”

Christian Ward, EVP –YEXT, NYC

“We reached out to Blue Orbit for their expertise and help in planning our new project. We brought a big bag of dreams and ideas and they were able to help us process them all and come up with a solid business plan to make those dreams a reality, and one that would be profitable. Ray and his entire team bring many years of experience and wisdom that we found invaluable in making critical choices in developing our concepts.”

Mandy and Kelvin Slater, Owners – Skyline Park & Nine Mile Station, Atlanta

“Blue Orbit is truly the best of the best. We used them to help streamline one of our restaurants and to help us implement systems for our company to continue to grow. Their #1 goal is to help you reach your goals and make your day to day life easier and more efficient. We highly recommend these guys and their personal touch!!”

Ryan Pope, Owner – Gnat’s Landing, St. Simons Island

“Our restaurants had such an AMAZING experience with Blue Orbit. We worked very closely with Michael and Matt. They were instrumental in helping us make changes to our operations, menu, and service model. You can feel how much they care about you and your business through the whole process. We loved working with them so much that we continue to check in and say HI because we miss them! We feel like we made some lifelong friends out of such a great working relationship. You will not be sorry. Contact them ASAP!”

Lina Fleihan, Owner – Ghassan’s Fresh Mediterranean Eats, Greensboro

“Ray Camillo has an exceptional ability to read a business, attack the challenges with appropriate resources and deliver results. He is true hospitality!”

Todd Rushing, Owner – Concentrics Restaurants, Atlanta

“Blue Orbit performed an operations assessment and quickly identified several high impact areas that we have since addressed with great success. They never pressured me to take on more services than I needed and I regard them as a go-to resource whenever we need a fresh set of eyes and an injection of operational know-how!”

Tiffany Lach, Owner – Sola Cafe & Market, Bozeman

“There is no way [to put into] how much Ray and Blue Orbit changed our lives. We moved to Atlanta from Europe with a dream of running our own business and decided that a restaurant was the ideal thing for us. Ray looked at us, what we were passionate about, and guided us through the complicated process of understanding business financials. Today, 2.5 years later, we own a very successful furniture studio where we design and fabricate furniture for clients all over the South. Ray was able to see us for who we are and guide us in the right direction. Thank you!”

Chris Demant, Owner – Reclaimed by Demant, Atlanta

“Ray is one of the most highly regarded restaurant consultants in the country. He’s very organized, highly motivated and has a keen determination to make sure the job gets done right the first time”

Harold Shumacher, Owner – The Shumacher Group, Atlanta

“LOOK NO FURTHER. I’ve worked with the skilled professionals at Blue Orbit on several restaurant projects. Several of the things I love in working with them is, they are operators so they are realistic and transparent. Feedback is a two way street with them. They commit and stay on track and they deliver a great end result.”

Dianna Stoffer, Brand Manager – Intercontinental Hotels Group / Hotel Indigo, USA

“Blue Orbit listened to me and quickly understood my goals and business, then attached it. Sales are up, costs are down, and, most importantly, my customers are happy. Ray is a true partner and an ongoing resource – like a restaurant whisperer!”

Micah Serwitz, Owner – Instead of Flowers, Atlanta

“Blue Orbit was instrumental to my success and I enthusiastically recommend them to anyone aspiring to open a restaurant of their dreams.”

Beth Castro, Owner – Mae’s Bakery, Atlanta

“We have a sign in our office to inspire us to make good decisions – in big bold letters it says WWRD?… stand for ‘What Would Ray Do?'”

Carlo Rovetto, Owner – Positive Pie, Montpelier

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