The answer is yes, now what’s your question?


Guest-serviceOur philosophy on customer service revolves around sincerity. No entity that endeavors to profit through satisfying their customer’s and winning repeat business can expect to do so if their staff is not bought in and evangelical about what they’re doing.  Training is important but before training comes company culture and brand identity. A company that knows who it is and its role in its community is in a good place to develop training systems and operating philosophies to drive superb service. We take a whole approach to guest service starting with brand visioneering, brand identity, and guiding principles that become the core of why the company is in business in the first place. From there we focus on education and thorough training. It’s easy hire qualified staff members. It’s hard to keep them and to get the best performance from them if you don’t offer a safe environment with a career path.  Your staff needs to know what success looks like so they can strive to achieve it. They need bosses that manage consistently and with all stakeholders’ best interests in mind. And they need an environment of accountability to protect those who work hard from those who would rather not.

Sometimes improving guest service is as simple as changing a service sequence or improving ticket times while other times it’s about changing culture, reorganizing management or evolving a train-the-trainer program. Regardless, we have done it and we’re passionate about it.  Great service doesn’t happen by accident, nor is it dependent on the people you hire. It’s what you build it to be. Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more.