Restaurant Management Contracts


Management-ContractsMany restaurant owners lack the day-to-day operating experience it takes to run a successful restaurant business. They may be hotel owners or serial entrepreneurs with no desire to actually oversee daily operations. Too often they look to their restaurant managers to deliver performance. The truth is, the GM or F&B that qualifies at the appropriate pay rate does not likely have the skillset required to create systems or structure to deliver results. Sure, they may have gobs of experience running successful restaurant operations like Houston’s, Capital Grille or dining rooms at The Ritz Carlton…but they are employees of these operations who have been trained to follow those systems, not create them.  The result is a revolving door and restaurant owner frustration. “If I could only find the right person!” they’ll exclaim.

The truth is, your F&B Manager needs a boss. Their experience level is likely not sufficient for them to hold themselves accountable for results.  If they did have that skill, they’d be coming from a position that says so (VP, DOO, Regional Manager, etc.) and you’ll pay a lot more for them. Dysfunction sets in, good people get churned, profits erode and the sequence repeats itself.

We can break this cycle by managing your restaurant, your hotel’s food and beverage outlets or your restaurant tenants for you. We can create the systems and structure your company needs to set a course for success and then deliver results through holding your employees accountable. We do this by building a culture of trust, mastery, and respect that feeds career growth and self-perpetuating performance.  Contact us today. There is a good chance we can help you be more profitable with fewer headaches than if you keep trying to find that “right person”.