Big rocks in the jar first


Visioneering-Brand-AlignmentWhen you create a restaurant you create a brand, whether you think of it that way or not. You are launching a brand that either competes well in the open marketplace or it doesn’t. Too often restaurants base their brand evolution on the entrepreneurial spirit and drive of one or two people who don’t necessarily approach it in a way that tells a compelling story that resonates with it’s target customers. In these cases, operating practices don’t clearly support the offering. An underperforming Tex Mex restaurant, for example, may begin offering sushi because it is popular, forgetting that it is off brand. A fast casual burger concept owner may read an article on “table glow” and decide he wants to put candles on the table but that too is off brand based on the end user’s dining style and existing lighting.

Without a unified vision – a brand filter – through which all ideas and initiatives are pulled, the business is one or two dangerous decisions away from confusing their customers. A burger restaurant deciding to start offering onion rings? On brand, convenient, add on purchase. A burger restaurant deciding to start selling plated fish-of-the-day entrees? Off brand and confusing.

Our process starts with visioneering – a working session seminar with all stakeholders to establish brand goals and audience needs. From there we define the brand filter and document guiding principles that will steer everything from menu creation, to service style, beer selection, wall color and management team profiles. This process is vital when creating a new concept and when re-positioning an existing concept.   Let us help you define or redefine your concept so we can tune it to new performance levels.