A really bright flashlight


Operations-AssessmentsOur assessments are thorough and we stick our noses in everything – books, refrigerators, operating systems, storage, cooking skills, recipes, vendor relationships, management, equipment adjacencies, staff, food safety, menu variety, market demand / impressions, service, culture, brand promise/delivery, and much more – to get a full understanding of what you’re offering your guests and how you’re controlling what you offer.  Sometimes you want to grow while other times your business is on the brink of failure. Sometimes we find a simple solution – a lever to pull that starts a domino effect of positive change. Other times we find deep cultural barriers to performance (as management expert Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”) or an absence of measurement tools to clearly see your business (Peter Drucker also said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”).

We believe in quickly getting our arms around the whole picture before acting on hunches or making suggestions to solve small challenges. We look for systemic illness and root causes for things that are holding you back.  We believe in tackling challenges in a sequence that delivers your goal quickly, permanently and perpetually. We may say you need marketing, for instance, but we won’t recommend it unless we are confident that what your new customers will encounter is worth crowing about. Our solution, then, will seek first to resolve the illness (poor food quality for instance), then we can discuss what kind of media splash you need to make.