Someone has to count the money


Back-Office-The fun stuff has been completed.  Your restaurant is open and it’s beautiful. The food is great and service is impeccable. But how do you manage the business side of the business?  Things like tipshare, reconciling your safe, profit & loss statements, petty cash, labor discipline, vacation policy, employee handbooks, inventory, purchasing, employee change forms, deposits, paid outs, etc. This can be heady stuff and is often put on the back burner during an opening.

We can help you get and stay organized… and we don’t apply the same system for everyone. Some restaurants have a bookkeeper while others don’t. Some love technology and have the manpower to maintain it while others prefer #2 pencils and clipboards. We’ve seen it all and can prescribe the right collection of systems that you can get your arms around and drive results through every day. It does us – and you – no good to talk you into a perpetual inventory system or purchase order protocols if you are the sole manager with barely enough time to count inventory. If, however, you are operating a complex operation and are using a Casio cash register and a shoebox, then it may be time to upgrade. The important thing is to set you up with the appropriate systems and protocols that are within the limits of your team’s capabilities and will allow you to see where the money is coming from, where it’s going and to help you identify hot spots.  Contact us to discuss your back office.