We manage what we measure


restaurant-operating-systemsSo many restaurants open without the tools in place to make smart decisions.  Good food and great service are certainly at the top of the list when it comes to presenting a good business to the community.  However, as any seven year old operating a lemonade stand will tell you, “if my lemonade costs me ten cents to make and I sell it for fifty cents, I get to keep forty cents”. Unfortunately many restaurant operators have no idea what their menu items cost them to make and they compare actual results (if they know them) to “heard on the street” industry average numbers. They also don’t know how to analyze their menus to improve profit, often just looking at what sells vs. what doesn’t.  Similarly, labor allocation is undisciplined, there are no budgets for repair and maintenance, back office procedures are sloppy, ordering and production are “educated guesses” and then the owner wonders why profits are not flowing.

Whether you’re opening a new business or wanting to improve an existing business, we approach operating systems by prioritizing your profit goals. We look at current capabilities, manager bandwidth, operational complexity and budget. Then we inject the least number of systems that every manager can understand that will generate the highest returns. Fundamentals are crucial and simplicity is the best tool for making systems stick. Once simple systems are mastered, it’s time to introduce software to simplify the heavy lifting (bar codes for inventory or CSV file data imports from your POS). However were loathe to look to technology before we’re confident that technology will stay in use. A $1.5M Enterprise Resource Planning system that gathers dust because no one knows how to maintain the data, much less do anything with the data once they get it, is a waste of time and money. If you can’t see the problem clearly, you can’t manage it. Let us help you get control of your business.