THIS is where you start!


business-plans-financial-modelsSo you have an idea for a restaurant concept. Whether you’re a hotel seeking a new idea to capture more conversions or a first-timer scratching that itch, you need to get the rock rolling. This is where Blue Orbit can really help.

The first and most important part of developing any restaurant concept is to make sure it makes money and to be able to articulate it. It has to work on paper first…and we don’t mean pencil whipping results to trick a bank or investors into giving you money. You need to know that it really works so you know you’re creating a money making machine.

Our concept development process begins with financial modeling to tell you how much your concept will cost to launch and how it will perform once it’s open.  We take the time on the front end to understand your goals and to make sure the business we create will deliver. Once your financial model is done, we can articulate the concept through narratives, market research, competitive analysis, brand filter and operating practices …so your investors and/or stakeholders fully understand your idea. Our financial models and business plans take everyone from first-timers to seasoned operators from idea to open, time and time again.