Our results always outpace our fees. Period.


Our-Consulting-FeesIf you engage us to assess your restaurant, we will save you more than we cost.  If you engage us to help you create a concept, we will help you avoid costly mistakes against which our fees are meager. We’re not the least expensive firm out there but we’re also not the most expensive. We know this because other firms frequently hire us to work for their clients and mark up our work.

Every project is different. There are no cookie cutter solutions. Typically clients who want to open a business start with our Profit Model – because you shouldn’t begin to evolve a concept until it works on paper.

Typically clients who want to fix their existing businesses start with an Operations Assessment – you may tell the doctor you have a strep throat and to give you penicillin but only the doctor can tell you what you actually have and what you need …and the doctor can only do so after examining you.

Regardless of where we start, the most important thing we can do is listen carefully. This helps us avoid double work while keeping your costs down.  It’s usually smart to work in small stages rather than large chunks so we’re sure we balance cost and return on investment at every fork in the road.