Sola Cafe

Bozeman, MT

We were hired by the owner of this small-but-thriving cafe and scratch bakery in Bozeman, Montana to help her put more money to her bottom line. Business was good but the owner was frustrated that more revenue was not flowing through. We recommended an operational assessment which highlighted several root causes of her profitability challenges while mapping out a strategy to implement initiatives.

Our goal was not just to identify the problems but to create a strategy that would yield results. One of the most important elements of a good plan is for it to be doable where each solution generates bandwidth to implement more solutions…effectively putting the big rocks in the jar first. The owner was already stretched thin so we had to be sure our recommendations added permanent foundational value.

For my entire career I have been a successful business person, from being a serial entrepreneur to managing big box retail stores with many moving parts and small armies of employees. When I struck out on my own to open a small café and bakery in Bozeman, Montana, I was swept into a high volume stream of complexity .  We have had a steady flow of customers  since we opened in 2008, but we still struggled with cash flow and profit .  With the goal of making the most of our well-established brand, I reached out to several national consulting firms to get an idea of what they could offer. I interviewed many, but decided on a small boutique group out of Atlanta called Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting. After speaking with Ray Camillo it seemed that he truly listened to me, had a well-rounded service/ops/ numbers approach and I felt comfortable with him and his prices.  Ray performed an operational assessment and quickly identified several high-impact opportunities that we have since addressed with great success.  Ray never pressured me to take on more services than I needed and I regard him as a “go to” resource whenever we need a fresh set of eyes and an injection of operational know-how.
– Tiffany Lach, Sola Café – Bozeman, MT