Positive Pie

Montpelier, VT

This award winning Vermont pizzeria was ready to expand. Unfortunately they didn’t have the operating infrastructure or experience with multi unit operations discipline. They had hired several Directors of Operations but ultimately the unique culture and challenges of operating businesses in small towns made it difficult for them to gain traction. The owners engaged us to coach and develop a trusted high-performing operator into to a qualified Director of Operations capable of driving permanent progress and manage change. They needed someone to teach their top guy how to be a top guy in an environment where no one knew what that looked like.

We collaborated closely with the new Director of Operations and the owners to establish guiding principles and culture aspirations, articulating them and rolling them out at the unit level. From there we created accountability and communication structures for General Managers followed by instituting budgeting and fiscal planning systems. We were engaged for an entire year to meet weekly with the Director of Operations, assisting him with decision making and strategic planning, providing the side-by-side training that a more mature company already has in place.

Today that Director of Operations is fully confident in his ability to handle any challenge that comes his way. No longer are the restaurants dependent on “good people” but instead they are dependent on “good systems” where execution is the measure of success. They are a Vermont “employer of choice” and continue to serve the best pizza in Vermont.