Lane Southern Orchards

Fort Valley, Georgia

Lane Southern Orchards is one of the largest peach producers in the state of Georgia. With Georgia being one of the largest peach producing areas in the world, this makes Lane Southern Orchards one of the largest peach growers in the world. As such they are one of the leading contributors to Georgia’s Agri-tourism business and have created a market and restaurant to supplement their production facility tours. Their Peachtree Cafe had grown from basically a simple snack shop into a bustling restaurant selling Southern favorites to tourists while drawing local attention as a bona fide destination. Unfortunately they were not profitable and actually ran the business at a loss.

Blue Orbit was engaged to troubleshoot the operation and then to implement recommended changes to the menu, service flow and operating systems. We started work in February and had to have all changes implemented in time for the summer peach season which begins every year in early May. We identified several bottlenecks in service flow and food production as well as inventory inefficiencies, guest communication, and queuing. We implemented the changes in late April so it was a little rocky at first…but over the course of a few weeks, operations stabilized and Peachtree Cafe showed sustainable profit, faster ticket times, and increased overall guest satisfaction.

You will NEVER find a nicer group of people than Mark, Duke, Ricky and their whole team. We’re honored to be their friends.