JCT Kitchen & Bar

Atlanta, GA

JCT Kitchen was a full-service immersion.  Working closely with Chef/Owner Ford Fry, BORC assisted with full concept development including branding/naming, menu style, use of space, design elements, throughput engineering, and company culture. It was also Ford Fry’s first restaurant.

JCT was interesting because it was a concept created around a great location.  Generally, a concept is developed and then a location is sought to compliment the concept.  JCT was built around a unique location in Atlanta’s hip West Side trade area near a massive railway junction. Since railroads define Atlanta’s origins and history, the location presented an opportunity to showcase Chef Fry’s culinary gifts while turning a busy railway junction into a brand asset. We helped the owner create, refine, and launch this vision.

Wow, what a creative, out of the box thinker! 4 Stars (AJC), Atlanta’s Top New Restaurants (Atlanta Magazine), Restaurant Concept Award (StarChefs)… enough said!
– Ford Fry, Owner, JCT Kitchen and JCT Bar

From “idea” to “open”, BORC was with JCT every step of the way, including setting up back office protocols, hiring and training the staff, developing all print material, defining uniforms and service protocols, creating wine and beer assortments, selecting and evolving the point of sale system, driving PR initiatives, and writing manuals and handbooks.

Along with preparing for and executing JCT’s opening, BORC was instrumental in incubating JCT through its first few weeks of operations, helping fine tune systems while refining operating protocols until the operation could stand on it’s own.

Today, JCT Kitchen & Bar is considered one of Atlanta’s top restaurants, garnering significant local and national attention.   JCT’s success has placed Chef Fry onto the world stage and BORC’s efforts were a critical ingredient in their success.

–Since JCT opened, Ford Fry has gone on to create several of the nation’s top restaurants including The Optimist, King+Duke, Marcel, Beetlecat, State of Grace, No. 246, The El Felix, Superica, and St. Cecilia