Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company

Roseland, Virginia

The beer from this artisan brewing company recently surpassed Dogfish Head craft beers for sales in Virginia. While it is only available in select markets, it commands incredible respect in the industry and is a lifestyle destination for tourists and travelers seeking the real thing. This includes operating two restaurants and an impressive event facility in the Shenandoah Mountains between Lynchburg and Charlottesville. The owners anticipated some of the success their brand would bring to their Outpost and Base Camp facilities but not all of it. Growing pains set in after a few years of operations and their quaint little watering hole and restaurant was attracting a lot of attention. Unfortunately their operational and culinary expertise had not grown with them and they needed an upgrade.

Blue Orbit was engaged to assess operations and set direction for evolving the brand offering to another level. We identified several key opportunities to snap the brand back to a unified story through it’s complimentary assortment and proud casual service. We also identified marketing, service, layout and execution initiatives to improve efficiency, sales and profits.