LOVE is the Magic Ingredient for Restaurants

What’s Love Got to Do with It? Asking the question “is there any place for love in business?” is like asking “is there any place for people who care?” We all believe relationships that have longevity are rooted in love Read More

To Happy Hour or Not to Happy Hour

I embrace the Urban Dictionary’s definition of Happy Hour: “Where the worst selling and nastiest tasting alcoholic beverages are sold for half price to a bunch of alcoholics too drunk to notice”. Before Dram Shop Laws, this was a very Read More

Fast Casual Booze

“I’ll have another round” is not something you typically hear at Moe’s or Mi Piada.   That’s because there is typically no one to say it to.  When deciding to enjoy an adult beverage, fast casual restaurants are not the first Read More

New Life from Old Spirits

Hand crafted mixed drinks have been the driving force behind the evolution of most metropolitan area bars for the last six or seven years with no sign of letting up. The movement comes from the resurrection of pre-prohibition mixology using Read More

Managing Restaurant Tip Share

As far as a restaurant’s profitability goes, the lowest of the low hanging fruit is often found in a poorly planned tip tracking program.  Owners and operators leave money on the table when they don’t accurately plan the incomes of Read More

What’s the best Table Service Model?

Truly the BEST service involves giving your servers what they want: Power.   I think folks are motivated by a combination of three things – Affiliation (approval from others… “please like me”) Achievement (simply a job well done) Power (including money, Read More

Dine and Whine

I pulled this morsel from chef Graham Duncan’s blog “From the Kitchen: Graham Duncan” and couldn’t resist throwing in my two cents. The “dine and whine” has become the new “dine and dash” except instead of sneaking out to avoid paying for a meal(which Read More