Seasonal Menus

Seasonal menu changes are fairly common and, for some, an easy task taken on by the Executive Chef in house. For some establishments, however, the concept is manager and investor-driven and they might not have someone who is capable of making Read More

Cook At Home Like A Chef

The first question out of a person’s mouth every single time when they find out that I am a chef is “Do you cook at home?” The answer is yes. Sometimes. When I’m home and not too tired and there Read More

To Happy Hour or Not to Happy Hour

I embrace the Urban Dictionary’s definition of Happy Hour: “Where the worst selling and nastiest tasting alcoholic beverages are sold for half price to a bunch of alcoholics too drunk to notice”. Before Dram Shop Laws, this was a very Read More

2017 Food Trends

2017 is already promising to be a very exciting and interesting year. We’ve noticed some trends in the industry that we hope choose to flourish and maybe we will even have a chance to help some of our clients with Read More

Oldies, but Goodies

How many times did we hear “eat your vegetables” or more specifically, “eat your Brussels sprouts” and immediately respond with a sighed, “EWW”. The idea of eating chicken liver, or any other kind of organ, was disgusting, cruel and inconceivable Read More

Food Trends that Won’t Make it in 2016

We’ve talked about cronuts  and the farm-to-table movement before. We loved and embraced them, but along with a few others, it’s time to say goodbye and move on to some bigger and better things in 2016. We aren’t saying that Read More

Bowl Control: Balancing Portions in a New Way

From sit-down dining to “create your own” fast food concepts, bowls are popping up everywhere. Chipotle has been featuring bowls for quite some time now as a lighter alternative to their burrito. Instead of getting everything wrapped up in a Read More

Carbs are Making a Comeback

The wave of gluten free menus and low carb options are slowly fading and we aren’t complaining. Menus in general are moving towards accommodating diet demands without having the “healthy” section stick out like a sore thumb. For those of Read More