LOVE is the Magic Ingredient for Restaurants

What’s Love Got to Do with It? Asking the question “is there any place for love in business?” is like asking “is there any place for people who care?” We all believe relationships that have longevity are rooted in love Read More

Seasonal Menus

Seasonal menu changes are fairly common and, for some, an easy task taken on by the Executive Chef in house. For some establishments, however, the concept is manager and investor-driven and they might not have someone who is capable of making Read More

Top 10 Restaurant Killers

For some reason many in our midst seem to have uncanny insight into the legendary failure rates for restaurants, regardless of whether they have actually worked in or owned a restaurant.  Ask almost anyone on the street what they think Read More

Restaurant Accounting

This is the kind of stuff that puts most people to sleep but can save a restaurant from certain doom. Go get some coffee cuz this is important (if you own a restaurant or are thinking about owning one). Restaurant Read More

Managing Restaurant Tip Share

As far as a restaurant’s profitability goes, the lowest of the low hanging fruit is often found in a poorly planned tip tracking program.  Owners and operators leave money on the table when they don’t accurately plan the incomes of Read More

Restaurant Training

Folks often ask us to help them with “training”..but  what does that mean?. Teaching someone how to do something they didn’t know how to before? Correcting a bad behavior?  Conditioning the mind to do something instinctively, without hesitating or thinking? Read More

A Strong Team Is One That Trusts Its Leader

I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a planning meeting at a major corporation.  They were rolling out a new training program and were already encountering big problems with the system.  The team leader outlined the issues, asked Read More