Questions You Should Always Ask Your Kitchen Hires

Back of the house hiring can be an exhausting process that doesn’t always yield the results you were hoping for. As a restaurant manager, you might often find yourself interviewing people on the spot with little to no preparation or Read More

From Line Cook to Restaurant Consultant

A good restaurant consultant has been in your shoes and the shoes of every person in your restaurant. We didn’t wake up one morning with all of the answers (nor do we claim to have them). We’ve been on the Read More

Top 10 Restaurant Killers

For some reason many in our midst seem to have uncanny insight into the legendary failure rates for restaurants, regardless of whether they have actually worked in or owned a restaurant.  Ask almost anyone on the street what they think Read More

What is the best chef’s knife?

People often ask me, “What’s your favorite knife for a professional kitchen?” It always makes me pause because there are a bunch of things to consider before I can answer: All great questions and they mostly center around what you Read More

Kitchen Software Has Its Place

It’s nothing new to say that the restaurant business is hard work.  The Chef’s job is particularly difficult as they are accountable for commodity procurement & receiving, end product retailing and final consumer use.  In this business, “Work smart, not Read More