To Happy Hour or Not to Happy Hour

I embrace the Urban Dictionary’s definition of Happy Hour: “Where the worst selling and nastiest tasting alcoholic beverages are sold for half price to a bunch of alcoholics too drunk to notice”. Before Dram Shop Laws, this was a very Read More

2017 Food Trends

2017 is already promising to be a very exciting and interesting year. We’ve noticed some trends in the industry that we hope choose to flourish and maybe we will even have a chance to help some of our clients with Read More

Oldies, but Goodies

How many times did we hear “eat your vegetables” or more specifically, “eat your Brussels sprouts” and immediately respond with a sighed, “EWW”. The idea of eating chicken liver, or any other kind of organ, was disgusting, cruel and inconceivable Read More

When a Hospitality Consultant “Google’s” You

So what does a hospitality consultant really expect from you on the web? Being a hospitality consultant would suggest that I have high expectations for most dining establishments and might even be considered a “food snob”. The truth is I Read More

Food Trends that Won’t Make it in 2016

We’ve talked about cronuts  and the farm-to-table movement before. We loved and embraced them, but along with a few others, it’s time to say goodbye and move on to some bigger and better things in 2016. We aren’t saying that Read More

Food Documentaries: What to Watch and Why?

Food documentaries have had somewhat of an uprising the past few years, much due to the “farm-to-table” movement, a focus on a healthier, more sustainable diet and of course, Netflix.  Where else do you have all of your favorite foodie Read More

Questions You Should Always Ask Your Kitchen Hires

Back of the house hiring can be an exhausting process that doesn’t always yield the results you were hoping for. As a restaurant manager, you might often find yourself interviewing people on the spot with little to no preparation or Read More